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27 January 2017
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Good SEO Advice For Local Businesses

If you run your own website, one of your priorities should be to increase it’s online rankings. As with any other online practice, one of the best ways to increase your website rankings is by having relevant content, and more importantly, having relevant trustworthy content. Search engines look for a number of things when ranking websites on results pages, but one of the first is good, factual, content. If you falsify information or put bad links in your page with the sole purpose of increasing your ranking, you can count on a search engine punishing you by deliberately lowering your ranking.

In trying to increase your local business ranking, you will want to do much the same that any other website needs to do to increase it’s ranking in a search engine results page. Make sure your website loads quickly, use strategic keywords, have unique and relevant content, and be natural. Don’t sound like a robot spouting out the exact words meant to increase your rankings. Nobody will find your site relevant to them if you write just for the search engines. Improve the structure on your site by using various headings and anchor text and create effective tags by inserting relevant keywords.

Although it may seem obvious, you will want to put your company’s name and contact information wherever you can in the relevant local listings, such as the Yellow Pages, local blogs, review websites, industry-focused directories, and so on. For example, if you run a dog-walking company, you will want to try to get your information listed on veterinary, pet supply, shelter, and training sites. People visiting these sites obviously belong to the niche dog owning crowd, and will therefore be more interested in your site than if you were posting on a pet lizard blog. When users visit your site and see relevant, factual information that they can comment on and otherwise interact with, the validity of your site increases. Having reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google Plus, and Foursquare will also increase your validity and prove that your services are legitimate as well as professional.

Regular updates to your website, and staying up to date with information also increase your rankings. If your company moves from one physical address, be sure to keep your customers in the loop and let them know where they can find you after the move. If you redo the interior of your business, post pictures to let your regular customers know what is happening. Keep your website looking up to date as well, nobody wants to click on a link and find themselves on a site that looks like it was made in 1998! People certainly put more trust in websites that look like they receive regular care and maintenance. Customers don’t want to be bogged down by invalid links, slow uploads, and other burdensome hitches. Use all the social media that you can: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever else you can find. In extending to all social media platforms, however, make sure you remain uniform across all the platforms. For example, don’t call name your Facebook page “Doggy Walkers” if your website is called “Walks for Pups” and your Instagram page is entitled “Happy Tails.”

Finally, be patient. Gaining followers and Internet popularity takes time and hard work, but is worth it in the end. Don’t buy followers or likes for the sheer purpose of becoming more popular: users are savvy enough to see through that practice and in the end it will only harm your validity.

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