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30 January 2017
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Many people think that SEO is all about Keywords, ALT Tags, Content, Page Titles etc., but there is much more to it than that. All these aspects are very important, but they are only about on page SEO, and there are other important matters concerning SEO that must be considered. One very major feature is that Google want their customers to have a good user experience when they are visiting a website. Google wants visitors to be engaged in what they see and read in a particular website. Here we aim to discuss important aspects of SEO.

It is very relevant for ranking purposes to add content on a frequent bases. Google and the other search engines do not want to crawl a website that remains the same month after month year after year. It is longer only a matter of ascertaining that you are using the correct keywords and key phrases on your website content, but you are totally devoted to the site, and want your visitors to have an enjoyable time when viewing your site.
Every website owner wants to rank highly on the search engines especially Google, and there are some SEO tips to help you obtain this goal.
Content is still the main element, and the commonly heard phrase “Content is king” remains as true today as it ever did.
Backlinks are extremely important in ranking and the best way to get quality backlinks is by good quality informative content. This provides those searching for your goods or services online with a an enjoyable user experience which very much appeals to Google.
You will bring more potential customers to your website by listing it on business directories such as Yell a reputable SEO company such as will do directories listing for as part of your SEO package.
As there are so many different, and important aspects to SEO, it is wise to use the services of an SEO specialist.

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