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19 February 2017

SEO is a necessity for any company that wants to succeed online. Most business owners these days have a website, and more and more are realising that, by itself, owning a website is not an adequate way of attracting more customers. Even the most attractive, interesting, and best built website will not be visible to many people, unless something else is put in place. What this something else is is self engine optimization, which is often abbreviated to SEO. If we are thinking about small local companies in Glasgow, we may be referring to SEO Glasgow, otherwise search engine optimization Glasgow. Elsewhere in Scotland, the term may well be search engine optimization Scotland or SEO Scotland.
Frequently when people talk about SEO, they are considering off page SEO, that is off page link building. This is an essential aspect of optimising a website in order that the best, and most relevant keywords for a business website appear in good positions on Google and the other search engines, and naturally every website owner longs for page one Google rankings.
Off page SEO is necessary for anyone wanting to see their website ranking well, and of course, this goes without saying. A one off SEO, will not work, as SEO is an ongoing process, and a monthly SEO package is the very best means for ranking a website and it’s keywords. This not only applies to SEO for local companies in Glasgow, Scotland, but is relevant for all sizes and sectors of businesses anywhere in the UK, or beyond.
However, off page SEO is not enough, and another essential element of SEO must also be used, and by that we are referring to on page SEO. This again is not only on page SEO for local companies, Glasgow, Scotland, but for all kinds of businesses regardless of where they are located.
At Glasgow SEO, we recognise this to be a definite factor for ranking, and we offer an SEO service of on page SEO, as a separate entity for clients whose content on their website is not well written, etc.
For our monthly SEO packages, we include on page SEO as an integral part of the package. Not only do we add additional content to our client’s website on a regular basis, but part of the on page SEO, is ascertaining that everything else about the website is as it should be for good rankings, including the correct keyword density, descriptions, etc.
At Glasgow SEO Service, our aim is to achieve page one Google rankings for our customers, and our excellent on page SEO goes a long way to helping us achieve our aim, in addition to the rest of our SEO services.

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